The following is a list of some of the noisy toxic-lead-spewing planes operated by CAE that collectively fly over Gold Canyon, one after the other, all day, every day.

Registration # Make and Model
N28154 Piper PA-28-181
N28251 Piper PA-28-181
N28421 Piper PA-28-181
N28614 Piper PA-28-181
N28852 Piper PA-28-181
N4107F Diamond DA20-C1
N4117H Diamond DA40
N4119S Diamond DA40
N4129M Diamond DA42
N4174B Diamond DA40
N4188E Piper PA-28-181
N4197D Diamond DA42
N4199M Diamond DA20-C1
N424TS Diamond DA42
N43MS Cessna 525
N4400P Piper PA-28-181
N4400S Piper PA-28-181
N4400W Piper PA-28-181
N4400X Piper PA-28-181
N4401F Piper PA-28-181
N4402N Piper PA-28-181
N4402T Piper PA-28-181
N4402U Piper PA-28-181
N4402W Piper PA-28-181
N4403F Piper PA-28-181
N4403L Piper PA-28-181
N4403M Piper PA-28-181
N4403N Piper PA-28-181
N4403P Piper PA-28-181
N4403W Piper PA-28-181
N4403Z Piper PA-28-181
N4404F Piper PA-28-181
N4405E Piper PA-44-180
N4405J Piper PA-44-180
N4405K Piper PA-44-180
N4405N Piper PA-44-180
N4405Q Piper PA-44-180
N5353G Piper PA-28R-201
N91KT Piper PA-34-200T
N94HL Cessna 525
N965DS Diamond DA40
N966WW Diamond DA42
N967DS Diamond DA40
N997CA Diamond DA40

As if identifying a noisy plane’s tail number wasn’t difficult enough, corporations like CAE go an extra step to hide their identity by registering their planes under a corporate trust. In CAE’s case, one such trust is the Bank of Utah. Aircraft trusts allow foreign pilots of any nationality to register and fly their aircraft in the US with US markings. If this sounds like a security issue to you then you’re not alone. Forbes wrote an article about it entitled, “Who’s Really Flying Aircraft On U.S. Registry? DOT IG Finds Safety And Security Holes.” So on the one hand, we see videos of TSA agents groping six-year-old girls at the airport in the name of safety and security. On the other hand, we have a loophole that permits foreigners from the most troubled and politically unstable areas in the world to fly their planes incognito around the US.